How can I tell when they are lying? More on evil.

I’ve got to build on what we discussed here. Yet more on evil

Detecting BS. Discernment. Seeing through the lies. This can be the difficult task when you are looking at evil, deceptive behavior.

How do you know when they are lying? How can you tell when you are lying to yourself?

Read and learn from Plato. Socrates has the most exquisitely tuned lie detector in the history of the cosmos. You can learn how to smell the lie, and therefore the evil, from a detailed study of Socrates and his approach to evaluating truth claims.

1. He asks questions.
2. He listens VERY closely. He listens to exactly what is said, not what cliche, habit, and convention would lead him to believe was said.
3. He leaves no term undefined.
4. He believes there is such as thing as Truth.

I could write for a year about the Socrates we find in Plato, but you’d be better off reading Plato.

Do it. Apply the methods to what you are told. Detect the lies.

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