Hambrick’s Mother’s Day Law

Hear ye, hear ye.

Mother’s and Father’s Day honors are no longer due to mothers or fathers THE INSTANT THEY BECOME GRANDPARENTS.

New mothers often have their own mothers and even grandmothers still about. They are expected to go visit mother and maybe even grandmother. Grandmother is likely in her 50th or 60th Mother’s Day. Mother is likely in her 25th or more Mother’s Day.

In most families the young people are expected to load the baby and the toddler in the car, go to church, then make the rounds of his mom, her mom, and maybe grandparents.


If you are a new parent let your parents know that while you appreciate them, Mother’s Day will be about the new mother.

If you are a veteran parent, go visit your daughter on Mother’s Day. Bring her flowers. Let her know you appreciate her being a mother to your grandkids.

Boomers who disagree can ignore this. They will forget that they were narcissists and ignored this and accrued resentment in their kids when no one visits them in the nursing home.

2 thoughts on “Hambrick’s Mother’s Day Law”

  1. Now, I mostly agree with this; HOWEVER, this year I finally convinced my parents to join Starting Strength Columbus so I picked my 72 year old mom up some knee sleeves. I hope this is still okay under Hambrick’s law 🙂

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