Further Problems with “Problematicism”

Even when people mean well when they use this word, they are in the service of Evil. Examples of this directly from a critic:

Getting married can be problematic, not only because people often get married for the wrong reasons, but because even when done for the right reasons a relationship can become a problem in the future

Whiteness is problematic, because although being white is not necessary or causative to be a shitty person, historically there is a high correlation between being white and being a shitty person.”

Those who are unknowingly in the service of Evil unknowingly use this word to rhetorically smear those things which Evil would have discredited. They don’t even know it. Every time one is faced with choice, one COULD say the situation was problematic, but the word is virtually never used when talking about the choice to love others, or puppies or other culturally neutral concepts. That is telling. It is an effective tool used by Evil to impeach cherished cultural norms. Some folks who use it know this. They are high priests in the Cathedral. Most others who use this are useful idiots.

I’ll never convince people who:

1. Live in Southern California.
2. Don’t believe in an active, malevolent Evil force in the world.
3. Went to university any time after 1998 for anything other than engineering.
4. Don’t understand category errors.
5. Who get mad before understanding all of my arguments.

More from the critic:

I’ll keep it simple for you so that you don’t get confused.


……….kudos to you for your stunning lack of self-awareness


Listening to Scott Hambrick on Barbell Logic is problematic. Most of the time he has great discussions with Matt and his arguments are intelligent and well thought out. Other times he could be replaced with a duck farting through a kazoo, and we would all be more intelligent for having listened to that.

and about the word itself, finally,

…….. your obsession with stamping it out in other people is weird, along with your use of language like “sneaky” and “evil” and “the enemy” in combination with the word. Maybe you’re the asshole on this topic, ever consider that?

Ya’ll judge who the asshole is. Meanwhile, I am obsessed with stamping out Evil. That’s how we protect the good, the beautiful, and the true. To that end this user, and others who behave like this will be blocked from commenting.

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