From a review of Online Great Books

What I really think is that the founders are basically meat-headed mediocrities who like Aristophanes for the fart jokes and the Iliad because it’s violent. Joe Rogan-wannabes who like to pretend play professor for the ego boost and the money. You can listen to the podcast to see if you agree. It’s basically two weightlifters from middle America attempting to “talk philosophy” at each other. Hackneyed takes, logical fallacies, factual inaccuracies, and unbridled ego abound. It’s a shame that their personalities infect the rest of OGB, but they do.

  1.  I’m the only founder and sole owner of
  2. I do not like Aristophanes whatsoever.
  3. I don’t like the Iliad because it is violent, I LOVE it because it is excellent and human.
  4. I never claimed to be a professor or an expert.  In fact, I in general despise both.  How many times do I have to say this?
  5. There’s no ego boost in constantly being criticized by redditors and other woke do nothings.
  6. There’s no money in muh Great Books. If I wasn’t independently wealthy I’d have to shut it down.
  7. Karl, my very good friend and podcasting partner, and I are two weightlifters from flyover country who like to talk philosophy with each other.  This in 100% true.  His squat is much heavier than mine.
  8. “Hackneyed takes” doesn’t mean anything.  I make errors of fact sometimes, the podcasts being unscripted and virtually unedited, only deleting sneezing fits and the like.  Let me know about errors of fact.  I reckon you won’t find any fallacies used outside of rhetorical purposes.   I sling some rhetoric.
  9. Most importantly, I bet our personalities do attract people to OGB.  Not all people, thank God.  The thing these folks can’t stand is that there are so many of us.   When coastal and urban phags only consume mainstream they are lead to believe everyone thinks like them and agrees with them.

    They are wrong.  AT LEAST 60% of the population of this country doesn’t think like a redditor.  We are legion.  We make everything that is real.  We keep the water flowing and the food coming.

    Maybe we should stop providing these things.

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  1. George Christiansen

    Doesn’t Karl have a degree in philosophy?

    Besides that, what does this fool think philosophy is apart from examining and discussing what smart people think/wrote? Kinda what I see OBG as.

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