Everything is phake and ghey

I’ve known that online advertising was a scam for years now.  I haven’t bought any online advertising for OnlineGreatBooks.com in close to a year.  I’m sad to say I was slow to act on what I believed to be true.  Our membership enrollments continue to grow slowly and organically since we stopped buying ads, confirming what I suspected.

A new lawsuit alleges that Google has been misleading advertising and essentially stealing from them.  From the Wall Street Journal.

Google misled publishers and advertisers for years about the pricing and processes of its ad auctions, creating secret programs that deflated sales for some companies while increasing prices for buyers, according to newly unredacted allegations and details in a lawsuit by state attorneys general.

Meanwhile, Google pocketed the difference between what it told publishers and advertisers that an ad cost and used the pool of money to manipulate future auctions to expand its digital monopoly, the newly unredacted complaint alleges.

The “auctions” aren’t transparent, you can’t see who you are bidding against or see their bids.  This is perfect for stealing.

Additionally, Google has MANY, many enterprises and invests in hundreds if not thousands of others.  It would behoove them to provide cheap advertising to their own allies and to hamstring and steal from their competitors.

Additionally, Google has a long history of using their business to push a political agenda, (which we should do).  They aren’t going to provide cheap, effective advertising to your Christian homeschooling curriculum business.

The lawsuit will likely prove they have done these things.

Don’t be evil, my ass.

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