Dumb people and cargo cults

We are beset upon by dumb people.

If you are dumb and don’t understand causation life becomes a cargo cult for you.

If you are dumb, you can’t believe that the West was built by a meritocracy. If it was and your people didn’t get to participate, that means you weren’t good enough. That is UNACCEPTABLE if you are stupid.

I’ve tracked most of the genealogical threads of my family back about 400 years. We’ve always been peasants. Not particularly innovative, not good with using force, not much will to power. That’s just fine with me. Hambricks are no Hapsburgs.

But I’m not dumb, or particularly damaged, so I can accept the fact that we are peasants, or yeoman at best.

Stupid people and their ressentiment won’t allow them to understand or accept this. Dumb folks think the “system” anointed the greats of the past. They believe their d******k, or more generously, simple forefathers, just weren’t anointed.

They think Henry Ford was great BECAUSE he was CEO, not the other way around. Or maybe he was Ford Motor Company because he was white, not an engineering genius.

They think doctors used to be smart because of their education, not that they got the education because they were smart.

They think engineers built things because they were engineers, not that they were engineers because they built things.

These dumb m**********rs, dating back to Marx, misunderstood and continue to misunderstand reality. The credentials used to FOLLOW on the expertise.

We let them have the universities, (thanks GI BILL) and now they hand the credentials out like Halloween candy. Women who’ve never swung a hammer with construction management degrees. 108 IQ monsters with medical degrees. Other monstrosities who hold the SHRM -CP A certified professional by the Society for Human Resource Management.

MBA’s who don’t understand business.

Managers who have no creditability as leaders.

Teachers who don’t know the subject.

“But, but, if they are teachers, they can teach,” the dummy cries!


Soon, you’ll turn the water tap and nothing will come out.

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  1. Carlo Cipolla’s First Law of Human Stupidity; always and inevitably everyone underestimates the number of stupid individuals in circulation.

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