Don’t talk to me about your denomination

I hate your denomination.

Remember, I hate institutions.  Your denomination is an institution.  It sucks.

I had a friend mention to me that in 2017 when he asked me about some religious question I replied, “I don’t care about that s**t.”   It’s 100% true.  Nearly everyone conflates religion with denominational issues.  I do not.   Make no mistake. I’m not ecumenical.  I just know the answer is not in any institution.   IF someone has it right, it is the degree to which they are dissidents in their sect that they are right.

Whether it’s the Lavender mafia, the “we’re the not-Catholic bros,” or some damnable gross prottie group, I’m not interested.

Don’t try to sell me on suborning myself to your favorite institution.  I can’t do it, I think it’s too important.

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