Don’t Debate. It’s a scam.

We are often tempted to debate those who hold ideas opposing ours.  


It doesn’t work.  You’ll not convince anyone.   When we read Plato, over and over again we see the third smartest man who ever lived fail to get through to his interlocutor.  Neither you nor I are make the two men smarter than Socrates list.  We won’t convince a soul.  

Midwits LOVE to see a debate between “their guy” and the opposition.  They LOVE to “own the libs.”  The libs never feel like they lose a debate.  Their criteria for wins and losses aren’t the same criteria the people of truth use.   

1.  If they paint you as a bigot, racist, or anti-science they think they won.  If they have to they’ll make up stuff about you to win. Mostly they make up new definitions of racism in order to tag you with a badthink name.

2.  If they feel morally superior or more hip or more urbane or more sophisticated, they feel like they won.   They always feel this way, debate won’t take them off this feel. 

Like civil disobedience, debate is a pressure relief device used by the establishment to keep the dissident from getting disaffected. 

Don’t debate, it’s retarded cope.  Remember, the guy who “won” the Lincoln-Douglas debates went on to kill at least 250,000 of his opposition.  Debate does nothing. 

Build things.  Financial freedom, families, farms, furniture, faith, moar. 

1 thought on “Don’t Debate. It’s a scam.”

  1. Spot on. I’ve learned this the hard way: very few people on the left care about facts or statistics, especially those that undercut their opinions. You can present a well-reasoned, logical argument to them and they will just side step it with an unrelated point or resort to “ist/ic” name calling. They are not interested in using their faculties of reason to discover the truth. Their priority is displaying compassion and empathy as a means of claiming their version of the moral high ground. They don’t care if the policies they are proposing actually help anyone or solve the underlying issues at hand, as long as they can claim moral superiority based on their self-perceived good intentions. There is no way to have a productive discussion with them because they have already convinced themselves that they have the moral high ground, so anything opposing their beliefs must be immoral.

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