Stop talking about cringe. It’s a female idea. It’s an extension of the managerial pant-suit state.

To say something is “cringe” is to project your emotional state onto that thing or person. Someone says or does something that makes YOU have an emotional reaction, then you name that thing for YOUR emotional reaction. When someone does something that should be embarrassing to themselves or is harmful to their social standing you may cringe because you have pathological empathy for that poor dumb ass, but that person is not cringe. YOU ARE CRINGING, he’s not “cringe.”

If you have just picked up the phrase and throw it around because the verb “to cringe” has started to be used as a noun, f*****g stop. You are helping ruin the language and are contributing to the widespread emotivism that is killing the country.

This idea of “cringe” is serving to help move the narrow the overton window to only contain ideas and ways that normal urban people accept. The spiritually female urban sophisticate declares that any utterance that makes them “feel funny” is cringe. This is bringing a virtual HR department into normal discourse.


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