Creating an Echo Chamber

Not too long ago I kicked a follower who was espousing all the mainstream talking points about some current events.  I won’t go into the specifics as I don’t want to embarrass or validate him.

I’ve shut down a great deal of left wing and even left-ish discourse in my various channels, primarily telegram.

I’m sure he, and the others I’ve shut down think I can’t tolerate the dissent.  They are wrong.  They aren’t dissent.  They aren’t interesting. They are the mainstream and their input is just more of the same old stuff that we see in every media outlet and hear in almost every conversation with a normie.

I just don’t want to hear and read those mainstream, lefty discussion points in my house.  I need a refuge from that ****.   

Therefore, if you want to come to one of my channels and gripe about it being an echo chamber, or bring up another damned link to “the science,” or somesuch, you’ll be booted.  You’re not welcome.  Not because I hate you, but because we are all tired of hearing it. 

At least try to be interesting. 

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