Cowboy Hats

Extravagant, but extreme in practicality

Hands free umbrella

working mans whiskers
        A bump to that brim is a sign you ain’t gonna fit
Warns when you when you’re watching your implement and tree limbs you didn’t see want to drag you off your tractor or at least whip your ears

For Folks who need to protect their selves (we own our selves) from the Outside. 
        Where it rains. 
        And it’s sunny. 
        And it’s hot. 
        And it’s cold.
        Where cattle will step on you when you bend over to pick up the knife your grandpa gave you before he died.
         Where people get hurt.  Bad.  But also where everything grows.  people grow best out there too

You can’t kiss that girl when you’re  both wearing hats.
       With kissing, both have gotta give in.         
       Taking your hat off for girls = interest in partnership, doing something together. Or at least goodwill

Every Picked up baby reaches and grabs for your hat 
       That’s how you know cowboy hats are good. 
       They stop grabbin at them when they get their own

Biggest enemy is the truck headrest

7 1/2 long oval for me

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