Civil Disobedience, voting, writing your congressman, debate

All of these things were designed then promoted in your high school civics class to program a set of pre-approved, harmless avenues of action for those who become disaffected.  

They want you to engage in civil Disobedience, voting, writing your congressman, debate, etc. rather than take effective political action.

That effective political action is building. They know that. The last thing they want you to do is to ignore them and build something.  

Have you built that side hustle yet? When you have multiple sources of income that aren’t controlled by the corpocracy, you have an effective shield. You better build that side hustle PureBlood, you’re going to need a new main hustle soon, your side hustle may be your only option. 

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  1. One of my personal heroes is my nephew Steve. His mother, my sister died three months after his birth. For a number of years, he and his sister and father lived with my parents. Later they moved to a country property with a couple of good acres of woods and bottomland. his dad worked a factory job and landscaping-style side hustles. Steve grew up planting small crops, hunting, and fishing, The public school part didn’t go so well. They threw him in “special education” and upon graduation who was only slightly more literate than his father who could sign his name but not actually read a contract. That may not sound like a setup for success. But Steve, like his dad, had an almost unnatural capacity to work and an innate ability to stretch a dollar. He was also a bit wild as a young man. One night he fell down a stairway while fighting over the affections of a girl. He pretty much ruined his knees, spent a bunch of time in the hospital, and lost his job. The thing is I have never known him to be broke or lack for jobs to do. He cuts up firewood, works with a friend slaughtering and butchering meat, moves people’s furniture, fixes cars, or anything not dependent on Chinese microchips. Until my mother died he kept her freezer, as well as his own, stocked with venison. He is neither handsome nor careful with his appearance. But he is as kind as he needs to be, is good with kids, would be a good man to have at your back in a fight. On the few occasions I get back to Pennsylvania I visit him in the evenings and we talk into the late hours and drink his excellent homemade wine. Living well is about truth, beauty, and virtue. But you have to be ready to hustle if you want to get there.

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