Calvinists don’t understand

In my post on Wokism  I assert that woke culture is a conclusion of Calvinism.

Calvinists are outraged.  They essentially keep telling me my understanding of Calvinism is false, in error, incomplete, whatever.

It doesn’t matter what “True Calvinism” is.   All philosophies are ALWAYS taken to their extremes and are ultimately perverted.  This is typically done by extremists groups, but is done nonetheless.

Philosophical ideas are  like viruses.  They spread and mutate.  Always.  Some mutations are wonderful, like Aquinas’ improvements and additions to Aristotle.  Some are disgusting.

Stop trying to tell me that the construction of Calvinism I portray in that post isn’t true Calvinism.  I F*****G KNOW.  Those are the underpinnings of wokism and their genealogy comes right from Calvin, to the Puritans, the Unitarians of the 19th century, to the abolitionists, to the suffragettes, American feminists, right down to the CRT, trannie, and furries.  Wokism is  what happens when a flawed philosophy meets midwits full of ressentiment and gross will to power.

Not understanding that evil is the privation of the good can ultimately lead here.  Of course where thought can lead, it will.

Save all your theological ass shaving for your book of Romans study group.

4 thoughts on “Calvinists don’t understand”

  1. I think it was Rod Dreher that also traced a line between the Puritans and Wokism, maybe in a discussion about Hackett Fischer’s “Albion’s Seed”.

    Are you arguing that this disproves Calvin? If all philosophies will eventually be perverted, that wouldn’t necessarily follow.

    1. No. This argument does not disprove Calvin.

      Read Aquinas’s Summa Contra Gentiles with me. Anyone who reads this and still buys Calvin’s ideas has a broken brain and heart. I’m not being mean. Thomas dealt with Calvin and all his detractors so tidily that they are all moot and tiresome.

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