Bruce Chartlon’s Litmus Tests.

In 2020 Bruce Charlton wrote out his three litmus tests:

Currently, as of 2020, the ideological-religious Litmus Tests – i.e. the three major planks of acute, ’emergency’ Leftism – are, in order:

1. To believe in the deadliness of the birdemic and the need for societal lock-down-social-conditioning-masking-etc; which schema justified the Leftist totalitarian global coup, and the consequent near-annihilation of Church Christianity, across all denominations.

2. To assert the antiracist (‘MLB’) agenda. Indeed, not explicitly to repudiate this ideology is (in practice) sufficient evidence of Leftism.

3. To believe the Anthropogenic Global Warming/ Climate change ideology – which is the basis of the UN Agenda 2030 and the ‘Great Reset’. These are intended to lock-into-place the New Normal.

If you support any of all of these; you are objectively on-the-side of mainstream, global, totalitarian Leftist Establishment: which is the side of Satan and against God. And obviously, therefore, you are anti-Christian – despite whatever you may believe or assert.

Mr. Charlton later added to these a fourth test, an alignment with the sexual revolution and it’s attendant trans-sexual and trans-humanist agenda.

I recommend that you start figuring out where every single person you know falls on these tests.

Those who fail these test will not only not help you as life on North America gets more difficult, they will be compelled to betray you.

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