Bro, I can’t lose my job!

I keep hearing this, “Bro, I can’t lose my job” as an excuse to conform with mandates. Insane HR proclamations, degrading CRT training, experimental gene therapies, quality degrading compromises, etc. are all being required of employees at statistically every job in the United States.

The normie thinks to stand up to these wrongs is going to cause him to lose his job. Wrong.


Outsourcing globalists are either in the executive suite at your business or will be very soon. They want you to lose your job.

Modern Monetary Theorists continue to advocate for debasing the currency. A third of which was printed in just 2020. These people, one day we will find out, are probably a paid psyop for the Build Back Better crowd. The MMT’s want you to lose your job. If they DON’T want you to lose it, they damned sure want your wage to go down in real terms.

Your political opponents want you to lose your job. These are probably anyone who graduated from college after 1995, is a woman in an executive position, who didn’t have family here before 1965, likes butt secks, etc. This is most of the country. They are your political opponents and would be pleased if you didn’t have food. These political opponents are at your office. They are at the regulatory agency you have to deal with, OSHA, the health department, DOE, DOL, IRS, whatever. They are virtually every single person in government.

You are opposed by EVEN THE SO-CALLED CONSERVATIVES. One of my dearest friends claims he’s a right-conservative, when in fact his views are progressive in nearly every single instance. Conservativism is an aesthetic, a vibe, these people carry around. When it’s important, they’ll sell you out. Gay marriage, tranny stuff, abortion, immigration, foreign policy, communists in government (McCarthy was right about everything), schools, EVERYTHING they capitulate left. Every time. They wouldn’t stop Kenosha from burning and they won’t help you.

The economics at large are opposed to you. THe stock market is WAY too hot. Money printing is WAY out of control. Housing is WAY too hot. Debt is WAY out of control. American companies don’t have tangible outputs. Acceptable yields are impossible outside of DeFi and weird places. This m**********r is going to crash HARD. I don’t know when, but it will.

All of thee factors put together PLUS the observable facts from the last 20 years show me, and should show you that you are going to lose your job anyway. You know people who have lost their jobs because of an HR hit job, not taking the jab, outsourcing, whatever. You’ve said it won’t be you, you’re in a “Good Business Sector” or you “work for good people.” There are no good sectors anymore. Every business sector is dependent on the government largess. They’ll be force to kneel.

You also don’t understand the pressure your “good people” in ownership or management are under. The government, which is comprised of the opponents listed above, is such an enormous part of the economy, it and it’s regulatory agency are putting enormous pressure on every regulated business and every government contract to yield. That will come to your company and therefore you. Your “good people” in management will be forced to make a decision to keep SOME employees working, or lose it all. They’ll take the “some employees” option.

You’re going to get sacked, demoted, wage frozen, whatever. All of these are tantamount to you losing the position you currently have.

So buck up. Walk out. Get as many as you can to all out. We have the numbers. We can do it. The Southwest Airlines pilots did it. It worked. You can do it. It will work AND you have nothing to lose. You are in a last stand position right now anyway. Walk out with everyone you can take with you while there’s a chance for keeping a job.

If this doesn’t happen across the country within the next 6 months we are doomed to become a third world country with snow.

You won’t do it.

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