Body/Soul philosophical views are changing

Have a look at the short post from yesterday.

The thermodynamic crisis, and the problem of the global South (not being able to feed itself, build a two-story building, or an ocean going vessel) is leading some smart but evil people to think about what can be done about this.

Most of the talk is about global warming, the great reset, etc.  You’ve seen it all.

Here’s what I think is afoot.

  1. Through the ghey and trannie movement notions of the separateness of the souls form the body are being propagated.
  2.  Furries, cosplay fuxxoids, anime fans, Star Wars dweebs, and other fantasy nuts will embrace more and more virtual and fantasy existences.
  3. Virtual reality is being developed and pushed everywhere.
  4. Increasingly more people are “virtuals” living lives divorced from reality.
  5. Musk and others are working overtime to develop the neuralink hoax.   Proper understanding of the nature of the soul lets us know that neuralink and other projects like it cannot work.
  6. Others are working around the clock to develop AI and predictive algorithms.
  7. Trans-humanists, the OTHER trannies, are telling you that the human of the future will be augmented and improved by technological upgrades.
  8. More and more of “life” will be “moved” online in “communities” that feature games, entertainments, work, social media, etc.   The MetaVerse.

After much participation in social media, being tracked and spied on, predictive software algorithms will be able to emulate your online behaviors.  This will be first show to you in “experiments” which will be hoaxes.

These hoaxes will be something like this:   Grandma died, but before she died we did a functional MRI, downloaded her brain, whatever, and she now lives in the metaverse.  You will interact with the grandma avatar online.  It will pass the Turing Test.  Your experience of this will be that it is grandma, not because they are good at doing this, but because you never interacted with her offline in a significant way anyhow.

It will not be grandma.  Grandma will have been active enough on social media in the past that the metaverse will “know” her history, preferences, etc. and will emulate her. Grandma will 100% be dead. Grandma will not have an experience of living in the metaverse.  Grandma will not exist even as a facsimile in the metaverse.  You will be interacting with the GUI laying on top of an SQL grandma database and a “grandma” engine.

This will go on for a time.  This program will expand to include more people who are facing death.  They will die and go to hell.   Your dumb ass will DM them on some fucking website and cry because you are allowed to DM the grandma bot.

Eventually calories will get scarce, or war will be widespread, or maybe there will be a “pandemic.”  You will fear for your safety.  You will be offered the opportunity to upload yourself to the metaverse and live there forever with perfect recall, huge computational power, etc.   You won’t suffer from hunger, war, or chinese aids anymore.

You will take the deal.  They will “upload you.”  You’ll be on the metaverse at 12:01am, while your body will be peacefully decommissioned at 12:02am.

The joke is on you.  They are going to kill you.   Your bot will hoax on, non-sentient, having no experience of itself, but playing on the emotions of the remaining 6 people who REALLY knew you in life.

Eventually they’ll choose the metaverse over the “suffering” of the meatworld too.

There will be no matrix.   These people will be dead.  They will not have a virtual existence.

The remaining five hundred million of us will FINALLY have some elbow room.

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