Another idea

Since this whole system is phake and a financial house of cards a good, bloodless way to get political power back would be to create a political union of the borrowing class and to go on a payment strike.   90 days of people not making payments on mortgages, auto loans and credit cards would bring this place to a halt.

With proper organization this would work and would bring the gubermint to sue for peace in about one year.

You’re going to be hungry and have trouble finding shelter anyway, why not try it?

The only catch is the borrowing class must have perfect organization and the right demands.  Trying to roll things back to “the way it used to be” will only get you right back here in the same or worse mess.  Remember, the recent past is a precondition for the current situation.

I have an idea of what those demands should be. I’ll keep that for myself for now.

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