A Utopia for the People

In truth, the Cherokee nation is just a branch of the US department of the Interior or somesuch at this point.   They have squandered something special. 

When the clock strikes twelve I may stage a coup and place myself as head Chief of the Cherokee and lead them myself. 

I will institute self sufficiency and growth in personal virtues as the uniting principles for the Tsa La Gi people.   

-Canning and food preservation

-Game meats

-Institute a tribe-wide warden of wild game program, stocking ponds, releasing quail, food plots for deer, reinstitute mule deer, bear, etc. 

-Tsa La Gi homeschooling 

-Off Grid homesteading

-Regenerative ag


-rejection of US gubermint gibs

-an aesthetic movement with an eye to fashion.

-Non-Dawes roles based genealogical library a la LDS.

-Tribe led Firearms training

-Tribe led basic infantry training

-Protectionist Tsa La Gi trade policy

-“Honored Mother of the People” Gold medals for mothers of 6 or more Tsa La Gi children.

-“Roots of the Tree of the People” ring given to grandparents of 20 or more. 

-Annexation of much of Western Arkansas, encirclement,  investment, and reduction of Bentonville.

-Banning of “hair face foods”. Dr. Thunder, frito-lay, etc.  

-Start and underwrite a semi-pro stickball league. 

-Tsa La Gi strong man games. Stone lifting, log lifts, hatchet throwing, wrestling

-Urbit properties for every one of the The People

-Formal Tsa La Gi Princess debutante ball in each district in April of the year for all young women entering 16th year.

-Penalties for alcohol, food, drug abuse will be VERY severe under Chief Ham-Brick. Immediate inpatient rehab for offenders.

-The sweat lodge ritual will be reinstituted with an emphasis on contemplative Christian prayer.

-Circumcision will be banned.

-Littering and graffiti will merit death penalty.   There is no rationalization for these.  “I tagged the bus stop because my baby was starving.”   NO>.  DEATH PENALTY.  If you were hauling paint and dropped a bucket, inadvertently painting property of another you must restore the property to “pre-paint splash condition.”

-Not keeping your own property tidy is tantamount to littering.

-When I annex western Arkansas for the TsaLaGi I will make it the tenth district.  I will name it the Siqua district.   (Siqua for hog.)

-The districts will be the Canadian, Cooweescoowee, Delaware, Flint, Goingsnake, Illinois, Saline, Sequoyah, Tahlequah, and Siqua districts.

-I will create “The Cherokee Institute for Homesteading and New Folkways.”  It will be world renowned for reviving, inventing, and teaching regenerative agriculture, husbandry, food independence, folk crafts, and other necessary skills to the The People.

-The People will be banned from patronizing all gaming operations and smoke shops.  Pipe smoking is permitted, yes.  But the tribe does not make money off it’s people.  

-Gambling is not permitted except friendly wagers on foot races, stickball, cockfights, etc.

-Drug dealers will be killed as nuisance animals along with nutria, feral hog, etc.  Dead pushers will have their bodies displayed in the square for a fortnight in the winter, two days in the summer. 

-I will pay bounties for the corpses of known drug dealers.  Wanted posters will be  posted at the post office and on the Tsa La Gi urbit.

-There is no divorce among The People.   Assault and battery are criminal acts.  Fraud is a criminal act.   Anyone committing these will be prosecuted and punished.  (Punishment is to do penance and is a way for the unjust to take part in justice, thereby improving them in virtue.)  Any spouse beating on, assaulting, or defrauding another spouse will be prosecuted for this.  Once incarcerated, this person will not be able to fulfill the marital contract.   At that point, the marital contract will be void and the free spouse will be illegible for remarriage.

-Not paying the marital debt is fraud.

These are the policies, actions, and institutes of my first year.

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  1. If you’re going theocratic what if you just make biblical slaves a thing. Guy paints your property, he works for you for free for six months with zero tolerance on pain of death. Then he’s a free man or he can choose to be your slave for life.

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